Mobile power price confusion, capacity water injection

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The price of mobile power supply is chaotic and the capacity is flooded. Mobile power supply can be called mobile power supply and mobile charger. It is a portable charger that can be carried with you to charge mobile electronic products, especially when there is no external power supply.

The mobile power supply is mainly composed of two parts, one is the circuit board and the other is the cell. Cell is the key to determine the quality. A good cell can be used for several years, and a poor one can only be used for half a year. Therefore, the price difference between the two is also very large. Standard mobile power products generally use A-cell, but many products in the market use recycled inventory BC lithium batteries. The price of high-quality polymer cell is about 80 yuan, but the price of BC lithium battery is less than 10 yuan. The price difference is one of the reasons why the price difference of mobile power supply is so large. The price is not the lowest, only lower. This is a true portrayal of the current mobile power market. This price cutting wind has reached the point where it is difficult to control. There is no way. Who says that price is always the most sensitive element in the Chinese market? The price is low enough. Even if you don't buy it, there are many people passing by. Remind you not to buy power easily because the price is low. You must choose a safe and assured brand.

In addition, the "fishy" of mobile power supply in terms of capacity is also a major reason for the price difference. The reporter learned that the small capacity mobile power supply marked with 2000 Ma to 2600 Ma can only charge the mobile phone once to twice after it is fully charged, while the mobile power supply marked with 5000 Ma to 6600 Ma can charge the mobile phone twice to three times, so most people like to choose high-capacity products. However, the capacitance of many mobile power supplies is not like it

So high. Insiders said that many products marked the capacity of 4000 Ma as 6000 Ma, with a difference of tens of yuan. It is difficult to distinguish them without careful inspection, which is also the main reason why the charging times of "power bank" do not meet the instructions. Some mobile power supplies marked with 20000 Ma sell for only 40 yuan. They are either falsely charged or use refurbished batteries or defective batteries.

The most important cost of the power bank lies in the cell. The quality of the cell determines the quality of the power bank to a certain extent. The high-quality cell produced by Dongguan Hongwei energy company has the excellent characteristics of high charge and discharge efficiency, high safety, long cycle life and so on. The low-quality cell is not only the most important cost of the cycle charging treasure, but also the cell. The quality of the cell determines the quality of the charging treasure to a certain extent. The high-quality cell has the excellent characteristics of high charge and discharge efficiency, high safety, long cycle service life and so on. In fact, it is difficult for ordinary consumers to judge whether a charging treasure is good or not. Therefore, we should know more about some charging treasure brands before purchasing, and choose formal channels when purchasing, so as to buy high-quality charging treasure products.

Some e-commerce platforms are in a mess. The prices of the same product are low and high. Some shops even have the same pictures, and the prices are very different. Despite this, there are still real babies; It depends on how you choose. In fact, as long as you use some heart and take some time, you can find good things. The e-commerce platform will also manage random purchases in the market, and it is strictly prohibited to put fake treasure on the shelves. There are also preferential treatment for users who have participated in consumption security. And so on, some ranking changes are also to make the platform better win the trust of consumers.

For the future of mobile power, it is predicted that the price of mobile power terminal will decrease by at least 30% in 2013. Compared with the current situation that the price of mobile power supply for most 10Ah exceeds 100 yuan and the gross profit margin exceeds 40%, it will be adjusted in 2013 and will be reduced to less than 70 yuan / piece, which is a year to return to normal profits. Price regression may be one of the means of automatic market regulation, but the benign development of the market is also inseparable from the provisions and constraints of relevant policies. As one of the rapidly growing downstream products of lithium battery in recent years, mobile power supply is developing rapidly. However, if it is not properly constrained by relevant industry standards and allowed to develop freely, the market demand can not be released healthily, and the development of mobile power supply will eventually be hindered.

What do you think of the chaotic price of mobile power and capacity injection?


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