Will lithium batteries for electric vehicles be eliminated and mass produced by solid-state batteries

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 Will lithium batteries for electric vehicles be eliminated and mass produced by solid-state batteries? According to the current development process, solid-state battery is the next generation battery closest to industrialization!

The development of solid-state battery is an important trend in the field of power battery. The insulation of solid electrolyte is higher than that of liquid electrolyte, which can block the positive and negative electrodes of the battery and avoid the internal short circuit of the positive and negative electrodes. Therefore, it can effectively replace the function of liquid lithium battery diaphragm. If the solid-state battery technology is mature and mass produced in the future, the market will fully develop to all solid-state batteries, and the diaphragm will be completely replaced. Therefore, in addition to the enterprises lagging behind in solid-state battery technology in the future, chemical and diaphragm supply enterprises will also face new innovation challenges.

Solid state battery has the inevitability of development. The solid-state battery uses nonflammable solid electrolyte to replace the combustible organic liquid electrolyte, which greatly improves the safety of the battery system. At the same time, it can better adapt to high-energy positive and negative electrodes, reduce the weight of the system, and realize the synchronous improvement of energy density. Among all kinds of new battery systems, solid-state battery is the next generation technology closest to industrialization, which has become the consensus of industry and scientific circles. Solid electrolyte is expected by the scientific community to solve the application of metal negative electrode. Researchers hope to solve the application problem of metal lithium negative electrode on the use of solid electrolyte. The main idea is to avoid continuous side reactions in liquid electrolyte, and inhibit the formation of lithium dendrite by using the mechanical and electrical properties of solid electrolyte. In addition, since the solid electrolyte separates the positive electrode from the negative electrode material, the short-circuit effect of lithium dendrite piercing the diaphragm will not occur. In a word, solid electrolyte has better compatibility with lithium metal anode, and lithium metal materials will take the lead in the application of solid-state battery platform.

China's basic research on solid-state lithium batteries started early. Universities and scientific research institutes such as Tsinghua University and Peking University have made positive progress in the research and development of solid-state battery reserves. However, there are prominent problems such as low maturity of industrialized preparation technology, limited enterprises forming large-scale production capacity, lack of relevant industry and group standards and high cost, As a result, solid-state lithium batteries cannot quickly penetrate into electronic products, smart grid, new energy vehicles and other application fields. Overall, China's solid-state lithium battery industry is still in the promotion and development period. We should continue to promote the development of solid-state lithium battery industry from the following three aspects.

1、 Establishing a new solid state battery standard system

The maintenance and customization of relevant standards in the field of solid-state lithium batteries starts with the design process, production and manufacturing equipment, battery performance safety evaluation, reliable performance test, etc. at the same time, through continuous experimental data collection, a new database is established, a standard sharing platform is established, and the internationalization of standards is formed.

2、 Bring solid-state lithium batteries into national key areas

Through the national key R & D plan, the layout of industry university research cooperation projects, the research and breakthrough of solid-state lithium battery technology and the establishment of industrialization; For the application needs of electric vehicles, smart grid, electronic products and other fields, industrial guidance funds are established for different types of positive and negative materials and solid-state lithium batteries with different performance, and various ways such as tax and credit support are used to support the development of solid-state lithium battery industry.

3、 Strengthen the research and development of solid-state battery technology

The state should establish a solid-state lithium battery innovation center to attract R & D talents and scientific research forces at home and abroad, make layout in key raw materials, cell process manufacturing, production equipment design, power management, system application, reliability test and other links, and focus on tackling key technical problems, Enhance the influence of China's solid-state lithium battery basic research and development in the world.

By 2020, it is still in the stage of tackling key technical problems. If mass production is achieved after successful research and development, it must be another revolution in battery technology. What are the advantages of solid-state batteries? Solid state battery refers to lithium ion battery with solid electrolyte. At present, it is the new energy electric vehicle industry that pays the most attention to the development of solid-state batteries. Brands such as BMW, Toyota, Volkswagen and many new car manufacturers in China have invested heavily in the research and development of solid-state batteries for no other reason than safety. Because solid-state battery adopts solid electrolyte, compared with the current liquid electrolyte, solid-state battery has the characteristics of nonflammability, high temperature resistance, non-corrosion and non-volatile. At the same time, electrolyte materials largely determine the performance parameters of solid-state lithium batteries, such as power density, cycle stability, safety performance, high and low temperature performance and service life. Therefore, the development of solid-state batteries is an important trend in the field of power batteries. Will lithium batteries for electric vehicles be eliminated and mass produced by solid-state batteries? Perhaps with the continuous technological innovation, the mass production time of solid-state batteries will be accelerated.


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